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In-House & Public Workshops

Team Building (Tailored)

Professional Development and Leadership 

Executive/Personal Assistant (PA) 

Power Up to Lead 1 (Leading with Emotional Intelligence)

Leading & Managing Change for Organizational Transformation

Stress Management & Mental Resilience

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Lean Six Sigma

Project Management

Problem Solving and Decision-Making Workshop

Mobilizing Skills for New Leaders

Mastering Self-Management: Optimism and Reforming for Leaders

Self-Enhancing for Workplace: Stress Management

Strategic for High-Performing Personal Assistant: Deepening Skills and Impact

Communicate with Conviction: How to Influence Others

High Performance Team Building

Growth Mindset, Leading to a Leader's Mindset

Efficient Communication & Problem Solving: Building Bridges Workplace Excellence

Managing Time and Increasing Work Efficiency

Mastery of Creative and Critical Design Thinking Workshop

Interpersonal Communication & Logical Thinking

Regulation, Law and Compliance 

MS ISO 370012016 Anti Bribery Management Systems

Malaysia Mastering Employment Act

Malaysia Domestic Inquiries: Best Practices

Malaysia Mastering OSHA Amendment ACT 2022 Implementation

ISO 14001: 2015 Awareness & Internal Audit Workshop

Mental Health and Stress Management 

Positive Mental Health & Well-being

Time & Stress Management for Busy Professionals

Self Enhancement for Workplace (Stress Management)

Property and Asset Management 

Property Management


Conflict Resolution

Sustainability and Environmental

Certified ESG Programs

Introduction to Sustainability & ESG 101

Sustainable Supply Chain 101 Workshop

Sustainable Procurement 101 Workshop

Sustainable Finance 101 Workshop

Public Relations and Communication

Crisis COMM Plan (CCP) Workshop

Public Speaking

Finance and Accounting

Internal Audit: Introduction and Audit Reporting

Corporate Financing Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity & Reporting

Finance For Non-Finance Essentials

Accounting and Taxation

E-Invoicing Implementation

MS ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management Systems (ABMS)

Finance for Non-Finance Exec/Managers 

Risk Management and Effective Compliance Monitoring

Effective Corporate Governance Compliance & Risk Management

Corporate Financial Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity & Reporting

Internal Auditing and Reporting

Accounts Payable Management Best Practices

Accounts Receivable & Credit Management Best Practices

Tax Navigator & E-Invoicing 

Merger & Acquisition

Construction Accounting

Language  and Presentation Skills

Speed Reading and Skimming for English

Master Speed Reading Techniques

English Writing for Professionals

Mastering Business Writing for Executive Secretaries & Administrative Professionals Workshop

Master Speed Reading Techniques

English For Occupational Communication

English For Technical Communication

Interpersonal Effectiveness

English For Professional Communication

Technical Writing

Impactful Presentation workshop

Business Writing

Business Speaking

Japanese Writing

Japanese Speaking

Human Resources Development

HR for Non-HR Managers

Human Resources (HR) Advanced

Enhancing Your Role as an HR Business Partner [HRBP]

HR for Non-HR Executives and Managers Workshop

Risk Management

Managing Risk Exposure

Entrepreneurship and Networking 

Mingle with Entrepreneurs Networking Platform #MWE 

Mingle with Entrepreneurs Networking Platform ESG #MWE #MWESG

Machine Learning and Development

Microsoft Power BI basic, intermediate and advanced

Microsoft Excel basic, intermediate and advanced

Big Data Analytics with MS Excel

Beyond the Basics: Excel Data Mastery for Visual Insights and Informed Decisions

Data Visualization & Analytics with Power BI Fundamentals

Technical Sales

Mastering Sales Skills

Mastering Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence Mastery

Mastering Healthcare Sales Excellence 

Fintech Commercial Skills Accelerator

Project Management

Navigating Project Management: Essential Fundamentals for Success

Project Management Fundamentals

Microsoft Projects

Business Administration & Management

Business Acumen

Strategic Planning

Achievement & Action

Presentation Skills

Project Management Fundamentals

Occupational Safety and Health 

First Aid, CPR and AED

Working at Height

Rescue at Height

5s Methodology + 5s Safety

HIRARC - for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control 

Safety Handling of Forklift Truck at Workplace

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Strategic Supply Chain Management for Global Competitiveness

Internal Auditing

Supply Chain Management

Supplier Management

Safety Handling of Forklift Truck at Workplace

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Procurement, Logistic & Supply Chain Management

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Supplier Audit (QA/QS)

Customer Service and Communication 

Customer Service Coaching

Effective Communication Skills Masterclass

Communicate with Conviction: How to Influence Others

Cybersecurity and Project Management 

Risk Management & CyberSecurity Awareness

Sales and Marketing

Fintech Commercial Skills Accelerator

Healthcare Commercial Growth Excellence

B2B Marketing Dynamics Workshop

Mastering Sales Excellence

Sales and Revenue Streamlining Workshop

Impactful Presentation Skills

Dynamic Presentation with Power Point

Sales Warrior Mindset: Building Resilience and Overcoming Challenges

21st Century Sales for Elite Achievers

Manufacturing and Production

Safety Handling of Forklift Truck at Workplace

Corporate Team Building

Organizations often seek and attract exceptional individuals who excel in their respective areas of expertise. However, individual brilliance alone does not necessarily translate into the formation of a truly exceptional team. The distinction lies in the ability to harness the collective potential and align it towards a common goal. High-performing teams are not merely stumbled upon; they are purposefully crafted. 

HRD Corp Registered Training Provider refers to the company or organisation that acts as a Training Vendor to HRD Corp Registered Employers. In general, HRD Corp registered employers are allowed to make claims by attending trainings conducted by HRD Corp Registered Training Providers.



Our dedicated corporate business team can help you develop programs for your staff to meet the competencies they need for their current or prospective roles in your organisation. Focusing on the precise requirements of your organization, we can provide a tailored training solution at a time and location to suit you.

Select from our wide range of subjects to receive your own bespoke training course:

Inhouse Training Definition

In the context of businesses, 'in-house training' means educating employees within the organization. It involves imparting job-related skills and knowledge to enhance employee performance and the overall organization's effectiveness. In-house training encompasses the creation of training materials, courses, assessments, and oversight. It's important to note that in-house training isn't limited to the organization's physical location; it can occur at training centers or conference facilities, depending on the specific needs.

Inhouse Training Guide

For the most part, in-house training programs are used by a wide range of companies and business to accommodate their need for staff training and development. Companies of all sizes and types can benefit from a structured inhouse training program. Typically, in house training benefits business which are expanding rapidly, hire seasonal workers, have a unique trade, and have staff whose skills and training need to be regularly updated. 

Corporate Registration with HRDC

Benefits and Privileges

Engage in Learning Programs 

GOFLEX EVENTS Learning Series offers a collection of educational programs aimed at enhancing your proficiency in a specific skill. To begin, you can directly enroll in the Learning Series or explore the individual courses within and choose the one you prefer to start with. By subscribing to a course that is part of the Learning Series, you will gain automatic access to the entire series. You have the flexibility to complete just one course, and you can pause your learning or cancel your subscription at any time. Keep track of your course enrollments and monitor your progress conveniently through your learner dashboard. 

Engaging Project-based Learning

Each Learning Series incorporates an interactive project that you must successfully accomplish to complete the program and obtain your certification. If the series includes a dedicated course for the hands-on project, you must complete all the other courses before you can commence it.

Earn an Accreditation

Upon completing all the courses and successfully finishing the hands-on project, you will receive a certification that showcases your accomplishments. This accreditation can be shared with potential employers and your professional network, highlighting the skills and knowledge you have acquired through GOFLEX EVENTS.

Need to Convince Your Boss?

Download and use this letter template to have a discussion with your employer about the value of the training sessions.



Join our sessions and reap numerous benefits: Earn a Certificate of Completion to showcase your expertise and gain industry recognition. Access your successes anytime with an E-Certificate, offering digital proof of your achievements. Engage in dynamic face-to-face learning, armed with interactive sessions and comprehensive study materials. Receive Trainer and Participants evaluations for continual growth. Maintain lifelong access to course materials, and rest assured knowing your Certificate remains valid indefinitely, ensuring your achievements stay relevant. 

Invest in your future with our Executive Programs. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing you with a top-notch learning experience, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your field. Whether you're looking to enhance your career prospects, broaden your horizons, or simply stay updated in your industry, our programs are designed to meet your unique needs. Join our community of learners and embark on a journey of lifelong learning and professional growth.

Certificate of Completion

Gain industry recognition with a Certificate of Completion, showcasing your expertise.


Access your achievements anytime with an E-Certificate – digital proof of your success. 

Physical face-to-face interactive learning

Experience dynamic, in-person learning with interactive, face-to-face sessions. 

Study materials

Enhance your knowledge with comprehensive study materials provided during the course. 

Trainer performance evaluation

Gain feedback for continuous improvement.

Participants evaluation

Track your progress with Participants' Evaluation, ensuring a quality learning experience. 

Life-time access to course materials

Never stop learning with lifetime access to course materials, always at your fingertips. 

Life-time certificate validity

Enjoy long-term benefits with Lifetime Certificate Validity and relevancy.

Expert Guidance

Receive guidance and insights from experienced trainers.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with peers and expand your professional network.

Skill Enhancement

Develop and enhance your industry-specific skills.

Career Advancement

Boost your career prospects with recognized certifications.

Continuous Learning

Engage in lifelong learning and stay updated in your field.

Confidence Building

Gain confidence in your knowledge and abilities.

Personalized Support

Access support and assistance throughout your learning journey.

Hands-On Practice

Apply your knowledge through practical, hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios.

Unlock a world of opportunities with our comprehensive training program. Earn a prestigious Certificate of Completion, a testament to your expertise and industry recognition. With our E-Certificate, your achievements are at your fingertips, accessible anytime. Dive into the world of learning with physical face-to-face interactions, dynamic sessions that foster engaging experiences, and robust study materials that broaden your horizons. Receive valuable feedback through Trainer Performance Evaluation and track your progress via Participants' Evaluation. Benefit from lifetime access to course materials and certificates, ensuring continuous learning and lasting relevance. Our expert trainers provide guidance and industry insights, while networking opportunities expand your professional connections. Develop industry-specific skills, advance your career prospects, and build unwavering confidence. Throughout your learning journey, enjoy personalized support and practical hands-on exercises that make learning a rich, engaging experience. Join us in embracing lifelong learning, personal growth, and career advancement.

In-House Training


At our training center, we pride ourselves on providing quality, cost-effective solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you require a single course or a multi-disciplined program, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the training you need. Our team of experienced presenters are skilled at listening to your specific requirements, developing courses that align with your objectives, and delivering training that is relevant, engaging, and effective.

Our approach to training is focused on customization and flexibility. We understand that every organization has different training needs and that a one-size-fits-all approach is not always effective. That's why we work closely with our clients to develop courses that are tailored to their specific needs, whether it's a single course or a comprehensive program. We take the time to understand your business, your industry, and your objectives so that we can design training that is relevant, engaging, and practical.

We also believe that training should be an investment, not an expense. That's why we strive to provide cost-effective solutions that deliver real value to our clients. We understand the challenges facing businesses today, and we work hard to provide training that helps our clients achieve their goals while also being mindful of their budgets. Our team of 

experienced trainers are skilled at delivering high-quality training that maximizes the impact of your investment.

At our training center, we understand that training is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process. That's why we offer a range of training programs that can be customized to meet the evolving needs of your organization. Whether you need to upskill your employees in a specific area, or you're looking for a comprehensive training program that covers multiple disciplines, we have the expertise and resources to help. Our team of trainers are committed to delivering training that helps your employees stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace.

How To Structure Inhouse Training

Implementing a thorough Training Needs Analysis will highlight how to structure your In House Training program. As a result, the structure will vary depending on what type of training you need to deliver, and how much time and resources are available. For example, do you need employees to take a formal assessment, or is on-the-job training more appropriate? Therefore, avoid the potential disadvantages of in house training, by considering these five important points. When deciding on how best to structure your In House Training program consider: 

In-House Training Flexibility

One of the major benefits on in-house training is the flexibility it offers. Frequently, organisations seek to implement bespoke training to address their specific business needs. The design of your company’s training program will depend on multiple factors. Generally, these include organisational size, number of trainees, number of trainers, facilities available, and the desired outcomes of the training.

HRD Corp Registered Training Provider refers to the company or organisation that acts as a Training Vendor to HRD Corp Registered Employers. In general, HRD Corp registered employers are allowed to make claims by attending trainings conducted by HRD Corp Registered Training Providers.