Standards, Evaluation and Shortlisting Process

We highly value our clients and are sensitive to ensuring that their investments are utilized to their maximum potential. Creating and protecting long-term corporate relationships is our main priority, and we strive to implement and provide the latest proven market trends in the industry.

+ Our Rigorous Selection Process

   Evaluation, Interviews & Consultation



At GOFLEX EVENTS, we are committed to providing high-quality corporate training that fosters career development, brand promotion, and networking. We offer unique opportunities to gain deeper insights into various industry sectors, encouraging personal and professional growth.



Our stringent selection criteria ensure that only the most qualified and experienced trainers become part of our team. Trainers must meet essential qualifications, possess industry certifications, and have a minimum of 15 years of corporate training experience. Exceptional recommendations and positive client feedback are highly valued.



We hold our trainers to the highest standards, including the requirement of Ph.D. and master's degrees for certain programs. Active membership in relevant associations is crucial, and we review the type of corporate learners they have trained.



While qualifications are essential, we also consider experience a significant asset. Trainers must demonstrate a deep understanding of their field, backed by years of practical experience.

Assessment Process

Our assessment process includes pre-event evaluations, post-event assessments, quizzes, presentations, and continual communication channels for 30 days of post-event consultation between participants and trainers.

Continued Professional Development

To maintain excellence, our trainers must stay updated with industry trends. This is essential for positive feedback from us and our trainees.



Reference checks are conducted to ensure that our trainers have made a positive impact in their previous roles. We believe in the power of recommendations and feedback from clients.



We maintain continuous quality assurance through verbal discussions, meet-ups, document exchanges, and updates from trainers.



All trainers undergo a thorough evaluation process, including progressive interviews that carry different values. Our commitment to excellence ensures our team is of the highest quality.



We prioritize feedback from all parties involved, including participants, trainers, and HR departments. Dual assessment solutions help us evaluate the effectiveness of our training programs.



Our long-term relationships with public listed and private companies are a testament to the significant impact our trainers have on our clients.


We maintain professional transparency in all our dealings to build lasting relationships with trainers, participants, and decision-makers.

Contact Information

We keep open communication channels, making it easy for potential clients to reach out for inquiries, confirm feedback, and express their needs. Your understanding is our priority.