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Fields of Study

Professional Development and Leadership 

Executive/Personal Assistant (PA) 

Power Up to Lead 1 (Leading with Emotional Intelligence)

Leading & Managing Change for Organizational Transformation

Lean Six Sigma

Project Management

Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop

21st Century Sales Workshop for Elite Achievers

Mobilizing Skills for New Leaders

Mastering Self-Management: Optimism and Reforming for Leaders

Self-Enhancing for Workplace: Stress Management

Strategic for High-Performing Personal Assistant: Deepening Skills and Impact

Communicate with Conviction: How to Influence Others

High Performance Team Building

Growth Mindset, Leading to a Leader's Mindset

Efficient Communication & Problem Solving: Building Bridges Workplace Excellence

Managing Time and Increasing Work Efficiency

Mastery of Creative and Critical Design Thinking Workshop

Employment Law and Compliance 

Malaysia Mastering Employment Act

Malaysia Mastering OSHA Amendment ACT 2022 Implementation

ISO 14001: 2015 Awareness & Internal Audit Workshop

Mental Health and Stress Management 

Positive Mental Health & Well-being

Time & Stress Management for Busy Professionals

Self Enhancement for Workplace (Stress Management)

Property and Asset Management 

Property Management

Sustainability and Environmental

Introduction to Sustainability & ESG 101

Sustainable Supply Chain 101 Workshop

Sustainable Procurement 101 Workshop

Sustainable Finance 101 Workshop

Public Relations and Communication

Crisis Comm Plan (CCP) Workshop

Finance and Accounting

Internal Audit: Introduction and Audit Reporting

Corporate Financing Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity & Reporting

Finance for Non-Finance Exec/Managers 

Risk Management and Effective Compliance Monitoring

Effective Corporate Governance Compliance & Risk Management

Corporate Financial Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity & Reporting

Internal Audit: Introduction and Audit Reporting

Language  and Presentation Skills

Mastering Business Writing for Executive Secretaries & Administrative Professionals Workshop

Impactful Presentation workshop

Business Writing

Business Speaking

Japanese Writing

Japanese Speaking

Human Resources Development

Human Resources (HR) Advanced

Enhancing Your Role as an HR Business Partner [HRBP]

HR for Non-HR Executives and Managers Workshop

Risk Management

Managing Risk Exposure

Entrepreneurship and Networking 

Mingle with Entrepreneurs Networking Platform #MWE 

Mingle with Entrepreneurs Networking Platform ESG #MWE #MWESG

Machine Learning and Development

Microsoft Power BI basic, intermediate and advanced

Microsoft Excel basic, intermediate and advanced

Big Data Analytics with MS Excel

Beyond the Basics: Excel Data Mastery for Visual Insights and Informed Decisions

Data Visualisation & Analytics with Power BI Fundamentals

Project Management

Navigating Project Management: Essential Fundamentals for Success

Project Management Fundamentals

Presentation Skills

Project Management Fundamentals

Occupational Safety and Health 

Working at Height

HIRARC - for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control 

Supply Chain and Operations Management

Strategic Supply Chain Management for Global Competitiveness 

Procurement, Logistic & Supply Chain Management

Customer Service and Communication 

Customer Service Coaching

Communicate with Conviction: How to Influence Others

Cybersecurity and Project Management 

Risk Management & CyberSecurity Awareness

Sales and Marketing

B2B Marketing Dynamics Workshop

Sales and Revenue Streamlining Workshop

Sales Warrior Mindset: Building Resilience and Overcoming Challenges

21st Century Sales for Elite Achievers

Manufacturing and Production

Safety Handling of Forklift Truck at Workplace

Corporate Registration with HRDC

Benefits and Privileges

Engage in Learning Programs 

GOFLEX EVENTS Learning Series offers a collection of educational programs aimed at enhancing your proficiency in a specific skill. To begin, you can directly enroll in the Learning Series or explore the individual courses within and choose the one you prefer to start with. By subscribing to a course that is part of the Learning Series, you will gain automatic access to the entire series. You have the flexibility to complete just one course, and you can pause your learning or cancel your subscription at any time. Keep track of your course enrollments and monitor your progress conveniently through your learner dashboard. 

Engaging Project-based Learning

Each Learning Series incorporates an interactive project that you must successfully accomplish to complete the program and obtain your certification. If the series includes a dedicated course for the hands-on project, you must complete all the other courses before you can commence it.

Earn an Accreditation

Upon completing all the courses and successfully finishing the hands-on project, you will receive a certification that showcases your accomplishments. This accreditation can be shared with potential employers and your professional network, highlighting the skills and knowledge you have acquired through GOFLEX EVENTS.



Join our sessions and reap numerous benefits: Earn a Certificate of Completion to showcase your expertise and gain industry recognition. Access your successes anytime with an E-Certificate, offering digital proof of your achievements. Engage in dynamic face-to-face learning, armed with interactive sessions and comprehensive study materials. Receive Trainer and Participants evaluations for continual growth. Maintain lifelong access to course materials, and rest assured knowing your Certificate remains valid indefinitely, ensuring your achievements stay relevant. 

Gain industry recognition with a Certificate of Completion, showcasing your expertise.

Access your achievements anytime with an E-Certificate – digital proof of your success. 

Experience dynamic, in-person learning with interactive, face-to-face sessions. 

Enhance your knowledge with comprehensive study materials provided during the course. 

Receive valuable feedback with Trainer Performance Evaluation for continuous improvement. 

Track your progress with Participants' Evaluation, ensuring a quality learning experience. 

Never stop learning with lifetime access to course materials, always at your fingertips. 

Enjoy long-term benefits with Lifetime Certificate Validity – your achievement remains relevant.