Sustainable Procurement 101 Workshop

Participants gain comprehensive knowledge and tools for seamless ESG integration into procurement. Master concepts, assess performance, align goals, and foster sustainability.

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Technical | Hard skill

Onsite Certificate Course

13 & 14 March 2024

2 Days

Kuala Lumpur

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In the Sustainable Procurement 101 Workshop, participants undergo a comprehensive learning journey tailored to elevate their sustainability efforts. This program equips them with in-depth knowledge and practical tools to seamlessly integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into procurement processes. Participants master fundamental concepts and principles underpinning sustainable procurement and supply chains. They recognize the multifaceted benefits that sustainable procurement brings to organizations, society, and the environment. Armed with diverse assessment tools and methods, they skillfully evaluate sustainability performance and risks. Additionally, participants learn to align sustainability opportunities and objectives with organizational goals and greenhouse gas emission targets, formulate effective communication strategies, incorporate sustainability criteria into supplier selection, proficiently manage sustainable contracts and relationships, and measure and report sustainability impacts.


Through this course, participants will embark on an educational journey that delves deep into key concepts, essential frameworks, and practical tools. Armed with this knowledge, they will gain the capacity to seamlessly infuse sustainability principles into their procurement processes, ultimately enabling them to make informed decisions that extend benefits to their organizations, society, and the environment.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants will have the ability to:

Fundamental Concepts: Define the principles and concepts underpinning sustainable procurement and supply chain.

Sustainability Benefits: Recognize the driving forces and advantages of sustainable procurement for organizations, society, and the environment.

Assessment Tools: Utilize diverse tools and methods to assess sustainability performance and risks within procurement processes.

Alignment with Goals: Align sustainability opportunities and objectives with organizational goals and greenhouse gas emission targets.

Communication Strategies: Formulate and effectively communicate sustainable procurement strategies and policies to stakeholders.

Supplier Criteria: Incorporate sustainability criteria into supplier selection during sourcing decisions.

Supplier Engagement: Engage and guide suppliers on sustainability matters to foster positive impacts.

Contract Management: Proficiently manage sustainable contracts and relationships while nurturing supplier collaboration.

Impact Measurement: Measure and report sustainability outcomes for both internal and external stakeholders.




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13 & 14 March 2024

2 Days session

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Tuition Fees - RM4'999.00

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an GOFLEX EVENTS certificate of competence. 

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