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Sustainability & ESG 101

explore sustainability, SDGs, climate change urgency, causes, impacts, emission reduction, and co-benefits for a resilient world.

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Technical | Hard skill

Onsite Certificate Course

28 & 29 November 2023

2 Days

Kuala Lumpur

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In this concise overview, we explore sustainability through the 17 SDGs and 10 Principles, and the urgency of tackling climate change. We assess the causes and projected severity of climate change according to science, as well as the impact of individuals and companies on Earth's resources. Furthermore, we scrutinize local industries' carbon footprints and key strategies for emission reduction. Lastly, we emphasize the co-benefits of addressing climate change, fostering a more resilient and thriving world.


This introduction to “Sustainability and ESG 101” workshop is designed to help Government organizations, institutions and companies to gain clarity of direction on how to equip themselves against the mounting requirements in the subject. This is covered in three main topics: 

• Introduction Sustainability 101 

o Understanding how we get to this stage 

o Key sustainability issues 

o 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals 

o The carbon footprint 

• Understanding Climate Change 

o What is climate change and its causes of carbon emissions 

o Designing ESG scorecard and targets o How does climate change affect businesses 

o The difference between direct emissions and emissions generated by value chains 

o Mitigating strategies for GHG emissions 

• Foundations of SDG and ESG Reporting 

o Workshop: Aligning SDGs with the company’s vision and mission statements 

o Business case for SDG o Strategies for implementing SDG 

o Materiality: Impacts and Opportunities 

o Measuring progress and Sustainability Reporting Frameworks o Communicating ESG progress



• The 17 SDGs and the 10 Principles of Sustainability 

• How our climate is changing, what’s causing it and how bad it’s expected to get in the future 

• What we need to do according to the science to tackle climate change 

• How every individual and companies impact earth resources 

• The carbon footprint of the various industries within the local municipality and the key ways that can reduce their emissions 

• The co-benefits of tackling climate change

• Understand the urgency of sustainability and climate change 

• Impact o How people impact climate change 

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28 & 29 November 2023

2 Days session

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Tuition Fees - RM4'999.00

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an GOFLEX EVENTS certificate of competence. 

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