Effective Corporate Governance Compliance & Risk Management

This course enhances understanding of essential compliance functions in financial services, covering regulations, skills, departments, and risk mitigation strategies.

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Technical | Hard skill

Onsite Certificate Course

28 & 29 November 2023

2 Days

Kuala Lumpur

Eean up to 8 CPD points per day

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This workshop provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of a strong compliance function in financial service institutions. It covers financial services regulation, compliance officer skills, establishing a well-functioning compliance department, and strategies for meeting regulatory requirements. The workshop emphasizes the role of compliance in mitigating risks. Participants will gain valuable insights to navigate regulatory challenges and promote a culture of compliance within their organizations.


This workshop covers financial crime prevention, fraud prevention and types, corruption, stakeholders in corporate governance, shareholders' rights, directors' duties, risk-based decision making, risk management areas, compliance success factors, ISO compliance management, designing a compliance process, implementing a compliance program, causes and results of compliance failures, external audits including cyber security, capital expenditures, data governance, network data integrity, data analytics, third-party relationships, and regulatory process improvement.

This workshop offers several key benefits to attendees. Firstly, participants will develop a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the importance of a strong compliance function within financial service institutions. They will gain insights into the need for financial services regulation and the various aspects involved, including instruments, institutions, participants, and markets. Additionally, participants will acquire essential skills to excel as a compliance officer and learn how to establish a well-functioning compliance department. The workshop will also cover diverse strategies and techniques for complying with regulatory requirements while emphasizing the role of the compliance function as a risk mitigation tool. Ultimately, attendees will be equipped with crucial insights to effectively navigate regulatory and compliance challenges and foster a culture of compliance within their respective organizations.



Upon completing this course, participants will possess the following abilities: comprehending the holistic compliance process; delineating pertinent regulations, guidelines, and specifications within their industries; autonomously designing an efficient compliance management process; establishing protocols to address regulatory violations, potentially leading to legal retribution such as federal fines; collaborating with regulatory bodies to proactively avert compliance breaches; adhering to compliance policies in diverse environments; comprehending associated risks and identifying preventive methods aligned with global Compliance Management guidelines.


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28 & 29 November 2023

2 Days session

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Tuition Fees - RM4'999.00

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an GOFLEX EVENTS certificate of competence. 

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