Corporate Financing Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity & Reporting

Learn statistical and judgmental forecasting, streamline turnaround time, version-control forecasts, build flexible financial models, and understand financial terms.

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Technical | Hard skill

Onsite Certificate Course

15 & 16 November 2023

2 Days

Kuala Lumpur

Eean up to 8 CPD points per day

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While creating a functional financial model is important, creating a more advanced one can greatly benefit a business by providing critical insights on financial analysis, loan sizing, debt restructuring, and valuation. As financial know-how becomes increasingly important for executives and managers, it is essential to comprehend how the organization's operating activities are reflected in financial modeling and what steps can be taken to enhance financial management.

This 2-day training session is designed for individuals whose job involves forecasting and budgeting. Participants will gain knowledge on both qualitative and quantitative techniques, including sensitivity analysis, file consolidation, dynamic version control, and form controls. The course will cover various quantitative methods, such as multiple regression analysis and exponential smoothing.


Building a functional financial model is one thing but building a sophisticated financial model can elevate business and provide an organization with vital information on financial analysis, loan sizing, debt restructuring and valuation. Increasingly, all executives and those moving into managerial positions need to understand and apply financial know-how in their daily work and know how the organization’s operating activities are captured in the financial modelling and what can they do to help improve financial management.

The "Corporate Financial Modelling: Valuation Sensitivity and Reporting" workshop is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of financial modeling and analysis. By attending the workshop, participants will gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them become more effective financial analysts, managers, and decision-makers.

The workshop covers both qualitative and quantitative techniques, including advanced financial modeling and valuation methods such as discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis. Participants will also learn how to perform sensitivity analysis on their financial models, allowing them to understand the impact of changes in various factors such as interest rates, inflation, and exchange rates.

In addition, the workshop focuses on improving participants' reporting skills, enabling them to create effective reports that can communicate financial information to stakeholders such as investors, creditors, and senior management. By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to build sophisticated financial models, analyze financial data, and make informed business decisions based on their findings.




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15 & 16 November 2023

2 Days session

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Tuition Fees - RM4'999.00

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